"One afternoon Anne took us to see green turtles hatching, the newborns tenaciously stumbling towards the sea; then we swam in a blue lagoon where the water was magnificently clear and luxurious and warm."

Turtles are said to travel thousands of miles to return to the place of their own birth to lay their eggs; a timeless and ancient cycle of life. Green and Hawksbill turtles nest on the outer beaches of Mafia's east coast between July and November. Chole guests are privileged to be able to witness this, since the nests on the deserted sandy beach on the east coast of adjacent Juani are marked and monitored by a Sea Sense Project. It is an awesome experience to watch young turtles dig themselves out and take their first steps towards survival. The beaches are usually only accessed during high tides and the experience involved a hike through beautiful coastal forest.