"Jean is an excellent dive instructor - if you want to learn to dive properly or extend your qualifications, this is the man to do it with."

Protected from storms and winds, Chole island lies in a large bay that is blessed with a variety of reefs, submerged islands and bommies, and home to an abundance of life, from huge giant groupers to microscopic invertebrates. With depths ranging from 5 to 24m it is suitable for both novices and experienced divers.

If you are only here for a few days and have never dived before you can do so within an 8-hour period by completing a short Discover SCUBA Diver course, which comprises a few hours instruction, shallow water exercises and a dinkum dive. Alternatively, become PADI certified or further your SCUBA education up to Instructor level in Chole's warm waters.

For costs, or enquires into our Advanced Level and Specialist Courses, contact us.

"Jean taught my son to dive. I wouldn't have entrusted my 10-year-old with anyone unless I was really confident about them."

"I was a very nervous diver. Jean was extremely patient. He is obviously a very experienced instructor, but also has a lovely laid back nature which always helps when one is feeling the pressure of learning a new skill."

"Jean took us on a drift dive that swept us round and round different reefs with giant groupers, turtles, manta's and Moorish idols swimming right along with us... afterwards Hamisi, the venerable boat captain, awaited us exactly where we popped up, as if we were low-jacked!"